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We ship to most states nationwide. If you live in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Texas, or Colorado, we can ship directly from nakedmountainwinery.com to your doorstep. If you live in one of the states shown in blue, visit our parters at VinoShipper to order our wines.

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2016 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay

Aromas of Granny Smith apples with a creamy finish. 

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SKU: 2016 BFC
2016 Aerie White

54% Vidal Blanc and 46% Viognier, it's perfect balance to the summer heat!

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SKU: 2016 Aerie White
2016 Skinny Dipper

Tropical breeze with enough sweetness to be perfect for the pool!

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SKU: 2016 Skinny Dipper
2016 Rosé

100% Chambourcin - barrel aged to perfection!

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SKU: 2016 Rosé
2016 Raptor Red

Full mouth feel with red fruit and soft oak.

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SKU: 2016 RR
2016 Tannat

Gold Medalist in the 2018 VA Govenor's Cup

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SKU: 2016 Tannat
2017 Red Light

Off-dry red blend with bright fruit flavor and luscious mouthfeel.


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SKU: 2017 Red Light
2016 Old Vine Riesling

Dessert Wine - Pair with an apple crisp or cobbler. 

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SKU: 2016 OVR

Treat yourself... you won't regret it!

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SKU: Soar IV